DRC-Ilunkamba government: Felix Tshisekedi engraves his marks, Kabila knows his limits and Fayulu wags

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June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021

ypocritical attacking his prey only from the back, unable to chase away the one who escapes from him, these weaknesses of the leopard always drown in the terror that its allure and fangs impose in the animal landscape. The smell of his urine makes other animals change their path. His claws in the trees make them understand that the danger is not far away, it’s a chat in the Congolese political environment, and three categories of people emerge from it.
Eighteen years of Joseph Kabila’s presidential rule marked the young people of the same age. Undivided power, they’ve known nothing but that. Before them, in the name of the same model, Mobutu had robbed thirty-two years of humanity and democracy to their parents and grandparents. So, in reference to their past, they cling to the idea that a dictator does not lose in elections. And also, they believe in it because a chief gives orders, they have been told. A leader does not listen to his subordinates, they have been repeated. A leader doesn’t get criticized, it has been instilled it in them.
The second category believes that a president who bows to the constitution, who negotiates with his predecessor, who recognizes the opposition’s freedom and rights, is a conscious politician concerned with the peace and security of his people. Many Congolese politicians had soaked their noses in corruption. The list extends from the FCC to the far edge of the current opposition. If Felix Tshisekedi arrested some today, the others would not be spared either. The greatness of Nelson Mandela and his fellows comes from this way of doing things. “We’re going back to zero, but from now on, if you’re caught with your hand in the bag, justice will do its job.” said Felix Tshisekedi. The Congolese president has therefore opted for the coalition that gives him, in accordance with the constitution, much more maneuvers than he would have in a cohabitation.
The third category, a proponent of demagoguery, turns a blind eye to all truth. All carried the signature of Felix Tshisekedi: The release of political prisoners, the return to the country of political exiles, the liberalisation of the media, the opening of the Martin Fayulu’s Hotel Fadden House… When the signature had the “Kabila label”, Sammy Badibanga and Bruno Tshibala, debauched from the opposition by Kabila, in the hot weather of the pre-election negotiations failed under their prime to achieve the above conditions. The Congolese president gets rid of old overheads and offers the country a government composed of 77% of a new breed. However, Fayulu states:
“The new Ilunga Ilukamba’s government is the work of Joseph Kabila…”.

The leopard may call itself ”King” in some corners, but it knows that its territory ranges from 30 to 78 km2 and can even go up to 400 km2 in some areas. But he also knows that the lion’s territory ranges from 20 to 500 km2, and even more. He knows that if small animals do not enter his own territory, he also does not penetrate that of the lion that he [the lion] has delimited with his excrements and urine. Félix Tshisekedi has made his mark in the Congolese political landscape; Joseph Kabila knows his limits and Martin Fayulu chooses to wag.

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