South Africa: The match of hatred

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June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021

The fire covers the house. His tongues come out of the right window and swing proudly in the air. The mother climbs the wall and throws herself inside the house through the left window. She takes her baby who was sleeping peacefully in her crib and puts him in an iron trunk that she pulls out. She thus manages to save this only child she had in her fifties. Years later, this handsome charismatic and rich gentleman finds it difficult to accept this mother with a burnt face, a blind right eye, two missing fingers! Then, he hides her; ashamed of the one who set herself on fire for him.
The ANC, tired of non-violence that does not find a response in the behavior of the apartheid system opts for violence. Fire against fire makes the South African political landscape unbearable for both. Nelson Mandela paid twenty-seven years of his life in Robben Island, a secluded prison, on an island completely cut off from the world. ANC leaders including Mbeki-Sr., Oliver Tambo, Zuma and many others cross South African borders to find an oasis of peace in Zambia, Zimbabwe…
Mobutu’s Zaire, Kenneth Kaunda’s Zambia, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Mwalimu Nyerere’s Tanzania, joined by some Western countries join the ANC. Like a hammer on the anvil, the pressure on the apartheid regime prevails. Frederick De Clerck favored negotiation and secured the release of Nelson Mandela.
1994 marked a new era for South Africa when Nelson Mandela was elected leader. A pride for all of Africa. A pride for the whole world. A pride for all those who had engaged in this struggle. Madiba’s wisdom not only won him the Nobel Prize, but also drew the world to South Africa. The country opened to new expertise to compensate for its elite that does not cover all areas. Congolese and Indian doctors plug the hole. Cameroonian, Zambian and Zimbabwean teachers, Nigerian businessmen… fill the gap.
Madiba gone, South African politician hides its failure in ”the invasion of other black Africans who take the work of black South Africans.’’ The song is played without stopping. The fire makes its way without a fire extinguisher in sight. South Africans are ashamed of those who fought alongside them yesterday for their release. They are ashamed of those poor brothers who seek the good life at home. Fire no longer comes from apartheid; the match of hatred is in the hand of the politician that paints the South African sky with the blood of the other. Cain sheds Abel’s blood.
On the other hand, the political voice that would say to South Africans is missing: “Educate yourself and sell yourself in the job market!”. A voice that would have the same echo as that of Madiba who shouted at the white South Africans who fled the country after his election: ”Don’t run away! Don’t go away. This country is also yours. Come and let’s build the new South Africa together; the Rainbow Nation!”.

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