The chloroquine divides France, charms the United States and is adopted by DR Congo

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April 4, 2021
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June 28, 2021

A beautiful car from the 1950s to 2001 and a brand of beer that has made its way since 1925, the Corona today lends its name to a virus with a frightening face. he
neither came from Toyota’s auto factories in Japan nor from the Cervecería Modelo group’s beer breweries in Mexico. He rather left Wuhan, the capital of the province of Hubei in China to which he gives a worldwide reputation… negative reputation.
China accuses the United States of having taken the coronavirus in the military case to its ports. Donald Trump, the American president, does not want to hear that. For him, the coronavirus is a “Chinese virus”. Not at all to the liking of Asian Americans who cry out against racism. Meanwhile, Italy, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus in Europe, feels European solidarity breaking apart; no European country at his bedside. A challenge accepted by Cuba, China and Russia who send their doctors to help.

After this scourge, world politics will no longer be the same. The economy of the world is taking a hard hit. Countries isolate themselves in confinement. The planes stay on the ground, the boats at the ports, the humans in their homes. The next few days look bleak; a scent of the unknown; parent of psychosis, desolation and death.
France does not have enough masks to provide in hospitals! China has so many that one of its lots has landed in Italy and Kinshasa, in the DRC.
Social behavior changes. Greetings are given a meter away; we no longer shake hands, no more hugs or kisses.
The world is overwhelmed: more than 530,000 cases are confirmed, 123,500 people healed and 24,000 dead in 200 affected countries and territories.
Prince Charles of Great Britain and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prince Albert of Monaco, wife of Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister among many others test positive. Two giants fell: On one side Manu Dibango, the pan-Africanist who made his saxophone speak and that Michael Jackson did not hesitate to copy in the chorus “Makosa” and on the other, Maître Jean-Joseph Mukendi Wa Mulumba, tall man of law and president of the UDPS collective of lawyers. Two great men that Cameroon and the DR Congo had given to the world leave in total silence. Their epitaphs would read: “You gave the best of you to the world without noise and you go away without noise!”. A great loss, a great void.

The coronavirus even makes fun of the first medical observations which stipulated that it only attacked the elderly or vulnerable: an Italian woman of 95 years was cured and a young French girl of 16 years died!
A voice is heard, a glimmer of hope launched into the world by the star of the moment; chloroquine. A drug deemed useful in the treatment of covid19 by the French infectious disease specialist, Doctor Didier Raoult and the man who, by his expertise defeated Ebola virus disease in the DRC, Doctor Muyembe. However, France is divided between the pro and the against chloroquine. French President Emmanuel Macron prefers a vaccine judged bad before it comes. A plot against humanity, some shout. Under pressure, his government, through its Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, bowed, but only for severe cases. Professor Didier Raoult however insists and recommends that the treatment with chloroquine be administered at the onset of first symptoms because he says: “It is when they [the patients] have moderate forms or which start to worsen that ‘You have to treat them because then you control the viruses that multiply.’
The president of the DRCongo, Félix Tshisekedi adopts it and authorizes the Pharmakina to produce more. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is charmed by this drug that has proven to work against malaria in other times and which he says “It is a gift from God!”.In the midst of all this drama, it is not only the food and toilet paper tearing themselves away, but also, the shelves of bookstores are emptying of bibles. During his lifetime, the preacher and psychologist, Dr. Miles Munroe said that “Any crisis is seasonal, temporary, therefore fleeting … only the Rock of Ages remains stable.”. Faith is reborn in hearts.

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