The colors of Amanda Gorman’s mind

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June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021

Around the head, a red ribbon; color of love, warmth and passion, a trio of emotions that she wishes to share with the world on this day of January 20, 2021. In her frontal hair, four golden pearls whose prestige gives the assurance and the confidence in this body which crosses this crowd seated down to the altar to make the divided America and the world understand that at the foot of this hill of differences and diversity, of hatred, of the rejection of the other, we can, we must continue the escalation led by this ray of light, this glimmer of hope that we must awaken in us in order to find ourselves at the top …
And then the world will say “wow, how wonderful this America is” like today, the world says to itself “wow, how wonderful is this slender black girl, descendant of slaves, raised by a single mother and dreaming of becoming president of the USA ”.
Pure and simple as is the white of her shirt that the friendly and fraternal yellow coat unbuttoned lets glimpse, this clarity of the spirit caresses our hearts with words that do not cause pain, words that heal the wounds of the heart, link the bridges of cultures and build castles in unison with hands in rainbow colors …
And suddenly, the eyes cease to see the black, the red, the yellow and the white of the races of the world but only the beauty and the strength of the spirit. Just like the look on Amanda Gorman this January 20, 2021, made her race forgotten in favor of a strong heart and mind and intelligent beauty and strength that God sent again in the midst of despair, like a ray of hope; that little glow in total darkness!

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