Vivica A. Fox, sailing accross the waters of ”Dr. Bello” to meet with Africa

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Does ”Anjanetta” mean something to you?
Of course it does. It is my middle name. Most people don’t know about it, but that’s why I put an ”A” between my first and my last names:Vivica A. Fox.

”Dr. Bello” is a first movie in which Nollywood and Hollywood stars are playing beside each other. What that means to you?
I never got chance to work with my African brothers and sisters. So ”Dr. Bello” is a beautiful thing
that made it possible to sail across the waters to meet with our brothers and sisters in Africa. Seeing the African talent and culture and them seeing African-American talent and culture was an amazing experience for both of us. It is a beautiful marriage.

Tell us a little bit about your role in this movie.
I played Isaiah Washington’s wife in Dr. Bello who lost her child to cancer. And that hurt her feeling from losing a daughter and she began drowning her soul in a bottle. She was facing a lot of blame, so the huge crisis caused her marriage to end up by a break-up.

What do you know about Africa and Nigeria where Nollywood is from?

I’ve been to Nigeria several times to visit, so it’s not foreign to me at all. And I’ ve been in northern Africa when playing ”Queen of Sheba” in the movie ”King Solomon”. I worked in other parts of Africa such as Johannesburg and Cape Town [South Africa]…

Is there a personality, a book, a movie…that made you see Africa differently today?

When I did the story of Solomon, I loved the idea that the Queen of Sheba had her own country. And when asked to bow down she said ” I can’t bow down because I have my own country and my son will be King”. I found that amazing.

”Why do Fools fall in love’ ‘Two can play that game” and ”Soul food” made the star you are today? In 1996, ”Independence Day” where you played beside Will Smith made you an international brand. What makes the difference here?

I have learned so much from ”Two can play that game” in terms of romance. It taught a lot as far as the dating game and in ”Why do fools fall in love” my character was just so raw. However ”Independence Day” was 800 million dollars worldwide 15 years ago, which back then was unbelievable. The movie was sold out 24 hours a day for 3 days. I started off with sitcoms and soaps operas such as ”Out all Night”, ”The Young and Restless”…So, to me, being in a film of that facture, it catapulted my career and took it to another level. And on top of that it helped me produce my own films and television shows.

To people’s understanding ”Why do fools fall in love” is number one. Now can you confirm this or otherwise name your top 5?

People liked ”Why do fools fall in love” because my character, Elizabeth, was just so raw. She had the good, bad and ugly. But, Gosh, now could you make me pick out of these movies that were all amazing! I’ve been so blessed to work with amazing people, but I will give you my top 5: ”Independence Day”, ”Soul Food”, ”Set it off”, ”Two can play that game” and ”Kill Bill”.

NAACP Image Award, Prism Award as Best Actress in a Television Series ”Drama”, Career Achievement Award, MTV Movie Award for best Kiss for ”independence Day” with Will Smith, People Magazine’s fifty most beautiful people…How do you utilize this fame to impact your community and the World today?

An award is beautiful when someone comes up to you and say ”Hey, you did the best of this”. I want to make my fans look at movies played or produced by Vivica Fox as a quality work. It makes me proud to continue do my own projects but it shouldn’t define who you are.

What makes an onscreen kiss a ” Best Kiss of the year”?

Because it was awesome! A lot of People did not realize that me and Will Smith in that scene we were both crying real tears. I enjoy kissing and Will Smith is a wonderful man and one of my favored co-star. He is a great artist and he has a great family… So the fact that we won ”Best Kiss” was beautiful but unfortunately I wasn’t there; I was in Africa at the time making ”King Solomon”.

Then we see you Vivica A. Fox still on the top of the game doing Reality TV that seems to go for celebrities who are going out of show business. Why?

Reality is dominating right now. That works for me. I absolutely understand people to what they are going through because I fall in love with some of the stuff they are going through. I host reality TV such as ”Prank my mom”, ”Jersylicious”…I am basically the Ashton Kutcher for moms. People are like: ”I love the show, how can I prank my mom?” There’s not really a ”Why?”, it’s more of a ”Why not?”. It’s just what people are doing now. There’s no lie that the public wants to see ”reality”.

Actress and Producer, how do you make all this happen?

I got a wonderful team. I’m surrounded by a wonderful group of people; My manager, my assistant and my partners. We have been working together for over 20 years. We are working hard to make things better and we are always looking forward for new opportunities to extend the brand of Vivica A. Fox.

Why are hair and shoes so important to you?
Sometimes I get asked in twitter ”When is you Hair line going to come here?”. We need to bring Vivica Fox network to Africa. Vivica Fox Hair collection has been around for 3-4 years now and it is doing fabulous. I am really glad to have my own hair line. And shoes? I am a true shoes lover. I simply love them.

How do you relate your career as an actress, producer, TV Personality and entrepreneur to your social status today?

I worked really hard to establish the brand of Vivica A. Fox socially. I’m just glad that people can accept what I have to offer. I am an actress, a producer, I have my own hair line, I produce my own TV Shows…The social status is just that people respect how hard I work.

What is the Africa of your dream?

I would like to see the corporations that are going to Africa contribute to building a stable economy and a nice environment instead of focusing only on diamond, gold, oil…I would like to see clean water, well fed people, and a protected environment

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