Ben Affleck invites the Congo to Hollywood

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The Congo, known as Belgian Congo under colonization, called Zaire under Mobutu, and renamed today, DR Congo, was full of old-fashioned oil in its forests; the rubber. At the end of 1800, a man and a single man reigned over the Congo, an African country, eighty times larger than Belgium; his country. The king of the Belgians, Leopold II made the Congo his private property and thus reigned over his rubber and his ivory. His secret accounts in various banks reveal a billionaire who, helped by his army of mercenaries, made his money from the blood of Congolese autocthones forced into unpaid work. The stubborn pay with their lives – 8 million dead – and the lucky ones come out penguins. The Congolese resisted, but helpless in the face of the firearms, their struggle will only find echoes when a black American missionary, a British investigative journalist and an Irish spy bring to light the monstrosity of Leopold II covered by the so-called “propagation of Christianity” or even “the mission of civilization” …
Co-founder of the non-governmental organization “Eastern Congo Initiative”, Ben Affleck will direct and produce this film. A true drama, “King Leopold’s Ghost” taken from the book of the same name written by Adam Hochschild takes the way of Hollywood, under the script of Farhad Safinia, the realization of Ben Affleck, the production of the same Ben, Martin Scorsese, Harry Belafonte… DR Congo, which has tasted democracy and the values ​​of a legal country since the accession of Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo to the head of the country, seems determined to be talked about for a long time.

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