Shaun Ollison; to live life focused on making a difference is very rewarding

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Shaun Ollison has been a professional model who worked for big names such as Versace, Betsy Johnson, Dona Karen… Gillette Leuwat Natural Cosmetics. First black woman to win Miss Francisco, then Miss California, she is a humanitarian who has a real impact in the US where she was born, in France where she lives and in Africa where she built a school in Benin.

Shaun impacts the world through media and, she says it better: ‘’ I try to do my best to utilize the various media outlets that I have access to.. I.E Ubiznews (TV) Fr/Africa, GlamAfrica (Magazine) Uk/Africa both of which I contribute to on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. To give voices to certain issues and / or explore certain lifestyles that are not often showcased. All in the efforts to show another (often time artistic) counterpart to what is often showcased in mainstream media…

Shaun Ollison is one of the new, fresh and determined people who are using their fame to make difference in the world. She was interviewed by afrimpact Magazine.

-How do you measure the real impact of your work as humanitarian in all 3 communities you deal with: The US, France and Africa?

I just keep going. I strive for deeper knowledge and understanding regarding the plight of our people. I don’t ever ‘measure my impact’.. at least not on those terms.

-Tell us about the ups and downs of being humanitarian and how do you handle that?

The down is .. You can’t (fully) help or directly change EVERYONE’S condition; that may require immediate assistance. That part is hard.. But to LIVE life focused on making a difference is very rewarding .

-What is your memorable and aha moment in humanitarian field that makes you continue doing what you’re doing?

Visiting my School in Benin (Ouidah) for the first time and seeing the look on the children faces… Knowing that I am looking at the FUTURE of AFRICA.

-What’s the big achievement you are working on for the next coming years?

Well continued progress and growth via my various projects. I can’t say that there is one thing in particular – I can say being the Face of a reputable cosmetic company that will allow me to travel the Continent providing correct (pigment) coloring and make up application is a HUGE goal of mine. I feel that this will aid women with a heightened sense of self confidence and (black) self love, help to eradicate skin bleaching, and show company/ customer appreciation.

The black woman is the number one consumer in hair and beauty industry yet is NEVER thanked, promoted or recognized! This must change.. I will do my part to change it.

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