Alana Murphy: Biking 4,300 miles across the US to meet & listen to immigrants and refugees’ stories

Educating the masses through her films is the focus of her projects
June 30, 2021
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July 2, 2021

Alana Murphy is an American modern young lady with a heart of our founding fathers who understood that the power and beauty of America is in the diversity of its people. The history of people of faith who were persecuted in Europe and fled for their life. America is a Country of immigrants and that’s its strength. Alana believes in that diversity and decided to bike from East to West – 4,300 miles – to talk and listen to the new immigrants and refugees. They shared with her about their first day in America, their fears and hopes for the America they live in.
Alana’s vision is explained through the beautiful lines of the beautiful crossing website: ”As the word “refugee” has become a politically divisive term over the last three years, it has become increasingly clear that many Americans have not yet had the opportunity to meet these incredible people and catch a glimpse of their new lives in the United States. The Beautiful Crossing aims to share a small part of these new Americans’ stories through photographs and interviews with those who have not had the chance to meet them in person. The majority of media covering the “Refugee Crisis” tends to highlight why someone became a refugee in the first place and the dangerous journeys they take in order to seek asylum or find refuge. Although these often heart-wrenching stories are powerful, the Beautiful Crossing focuses instead on sharing one’s experiences living and adjusting to life in the United States.

Above all, the project hopes to humanize the refugee issue by reminding all of us that these once refugees are now our American neighbors: people living alongside us, wanting what’s best for their families and children. Secondly, the Beautiful Crossing aims to empower those came to the United States as refugees to share their impressions and insights about our country. Lastly, it seeks to provide those who are curious about refugee resettlement policy with more information about the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and possible steps that we can take as a country in order to move towards a more sustainable solution.”

The American power is in the melt-pot of its culture and the knowledge of its people, because, if America is not the Country of different tribes , it is however made strong and great by the diversity and the power of its communities.

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