Dany Nyembwe: Kasaï Business Network for a positive social and economic transformation of Grand-Kasaï which benefits the DRC

June 29, 2021
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June 30, 2021

President of the association “La main sur le coeur” and promoter of projects, Dany Nyembwe talks about the idea and the motivation behind the creation of her organization “Kasaï Business Network” and its contribution to social issues and the economy of Grand-Kasaï and the DRC.
– You are the head of “Kasai Business Network”. Where did you get the idea for her creation, when and why?

We are the Makutano product; a baby that Makutano has just given birth to. With
the authorization and the collaboration of the founder Nicole Sulu, we were inspired by Makutano to promote the Grand-Kasaï, by first inviting the children of Kasaï (because it is necessary to start with them, and then the rest of the country will follow). We were already talking about going back to
province to participate in development, but we were hesitant on how to do it and where to start. After a visit to Goma with Nicole Sulu for the Makutano,

we have seen how the businessmen of the region have transformed the city (construction of roads, schools, agriculture, livestock, etc.). We decided to do the same, and we thought if they can do all of this on their own, we can do the same. This is how the idea for KBN was born.
– In the KBN goals, you talk about Re-entegrating the value chain by interconnecting initiatives for business growth ”. Can you tell us about it in details?
Knowing that the province has nothing. Everything has to be done and redone. A system must be set up which will not only favor businesses but which will also attract investors to the Grand-Kasaï region; this is why we are talking about reintegrating the value chain favoring the strategic partnership between interdependent companies which maintain collaborative ties to gradually bring added value to [end ? ] consumers, which translates by a collective competitive advantage. By enabling companies to respond to market needs, by bringing production, processing and marketing activities into line with consumer demands, our objective is to increase competitive advantage by collaborating on a project bringing together producers, processors, marketers, service companies, retailers and support groups, such as shippers, research groups and suppliers.
– How does KBN intend to support the projects of individuals and companies under its chopped off ?
The support and accompaniment of companies bring together different realities and actors. There are a multitude of stakeholders, and it is sometimes difficult for project leaders to find among themselves the help and advice offered to them. With the help and support that ANAPI offers us, we will be able to help and support individuals and businesses. The aid offered by KBN includes both awareness raising and information actions general concerning the creation of companies, training, monitoring, or even project financing.
– What opportunities justified your preference for Kasaï over other provinces?
Grand Kasaï is one of the least developed provinces of the DRC. Today we have the opportunity to make a difference by attracting investors to this region of the country for its development. We must not only wait for the government to do it; we have our share of responsibility.
– What is the contribution of KBN to the social [?] and economy of the DRC in general and Kasaï in particular?
Our contribution is that the region of Grand-Kasai may experience a positive social and economic change which, at the same time will benefit the DRC. By that, we mean empowerment, access to quality employment, local economic development and social transformation.
– How do you get people to buy into your vision?
Just register on the website: www.kasaibusinessnetwork.net to join. To become an active member, you need $250 a year to participate in all of our annual activities.

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