KEVIN M. RESSLER, How to help and support communities that are not taken into consideration

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June 30, 2021
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June 30, 2021

Lancaster, PA

Kevin M. Ressler serves our community through his work as Executive Director of Meals on Wheels. One of his priorities there has been reaching out to newer communities who may not know about a home delivered program for seniors and those recovering from injury and surgery. His work there, like much of his other work, attempts to focus on thinking of communities that are not usually taken into consideration.

Outside of his day job, he also does a lot of work as a community advocate and activist. He has helped to organize support rallies for the immigrant and refugee community in Lancaster understanding that political miseducation has created unnecessary and inaccurate fear. He hopes to utilize his own presence in the community to help be a microphone towards change from fear into acceptance and support.

As a local political figure, he ran for mayor of Lancaster City focusing significant amounts of his energy and voice to issues around poverty and income inequity. Too often our policies focus on the middle to upper tiers of citizens who have more power and access to power. It is important to Kevin that we create a society that considers everyone regardless their wealth or power.

Kevin is married to Melissa and has two daughters, Acacia and Iriana. His mother, Dorca Kisare Ressler is a Tanzanian immigrant who raised him visiting his homeland and with an appreciation for the cultural heritage that has helped form him. His father was a missionary for 8 years in Tanzania where he met his mother and the two of them have always worked to instill the importance of cross-cultural support and seeing people wherever they are for whomever they are.

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