Jess King for Congress: ‘’When our neighbors are not well, we are not well’’

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The Musser Park in Lancaster, PA experienced different atmosphere on Saturday, May 5, 2018. People started coming in at 8;00am to have a seated place and, get the chance to see the daughter of Lancaster beside Senator Bernie Sanders.

The air was filled with country music lyrics from the local band Vinegar Creek Constituency. Then after many speakers from a junior high school student to a councilman via an immigrant leader, Jessica King walked the steps of the platform under Lancaster’s applauses. Seeing a daughter of Lancaster choosing to take a stand for them and for the country and, defend the issues that matter was a real joy.

Jess wants to bring her vision and her voice to Washington D.C. However, to do that, people must adopt her vision. ‘’It’s going to take all of us – together. We need to inspire thousands of Pennsylvanians to get involved in politics and join our movement…We must understand that when our neighbors aren’t well, we aren’t well.’’, she said.

Politics must unite, not divide because victory comes with unity. Jess believes that ‘’Elected office should be about people…Our biggest responsibility is to work hard and love our neighbors’’.

Bernie Sanders continued Jess’s tune: ‘’-We need an agenda that speaks to the needs of people.

– We are going to work for the minimum wages to be raised from $7.25 to $15 / hour.

-The US is the only country that doesn’t provide health care for all and; We are going to work for everybody to be covered.

– We are going to work to create jobs and put 15,000.000 to work.

-It is better to make a tuition free to make sure that all bright kids can continue education even if their parents are not making much…

-We are also going to extend social security for the seniors and not cut it.

-Over 2,000.000 people are in jail and, the time is here for justice system reform…Jess and I, we understand all that and we are going to make it happen.’’

Jess King is here to embark Lancaster in this great journey.

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