Karen [Burmese] – A night of sharing

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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021

Nice location; Upohar Restaurant. Beautiful weather; a friendly sun getting ready for its sleep behind the skies. Beautiful people. All was set for the evening to be a good one. The event that is a series of diverse cuisines was at the beginning a discovery for the old age. Today its success expanded to the millennials.

Karen [Burmese] – A night of Sharing like other series before – Syrian, Congolese, Iraqi, Somalian… – was a success. The Karen is the second largest ethnic group in Burma and represents 7% 0f the population of Burma [ Myanmar] beside other ethnic groups such as the Shan [9%], the Arakanese [4%], the Mon [2%] …

The menu of the day was composed of white rice, soy and potato curry with Garam masala, sautéed mustard greens with tomatoes and green chilies, coconut sweet potato, boiled lentils with toppings [ caramelized onion, fried bread cubes, pickled green chilies, cilantro], cucumber salad and ginger salad.

The culture’s chapter was completed by the Karen musician, Mu Kaw and his brother who not only sang beautiful songs but also told the story of their life as refugees from Burma to Lancaster, PA.

The night of sharing ended with a dessert [Fresh cut mango] and coffee served during questions & answers and conversation.

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