Noella Coursaris Musunka founded ”Malaika” to fuel a generation of change-agents

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After winning the competition for the famous lingerie brand – Agent Provocateur -, Noella became its ‘’Face’’ and, traveled the world as International model. She appeared in many fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Vanity Fair.

She left DR Congo, her mother’s country, when she was five years old to live in her father’s continent: Europe. 18 years later, she visited Congo and was saddened by the reality of poverty. And in midst of all that, girls paid the high price in ‘’facing immense obstacles in obtaining an education.’’.

Noella then, founded a non-profit organization called ‘’Malaika’’ to give back to the community in DRC. She built a school in Kalebuka, Southeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘’ Providing girls with an education helps break the cycle of poverty. An educated woman marries later, has healthier children and is less likely to die in childbirth. She is less vulnerable to diseases like HIV/AIDS. Educating girls has positive benefits in all sectors of society… An educated girl will increase her future earnings by approximately 10-20% for each additional year of schooling and will reinvest most of it back into her family and community… In essence, we are fueling a generation of change-agents. At the same time, we impact the surrounding community through recreational and life skills programming for adults and children, as well as essential infrastructure. To accomplish all this, Malaika School was built in 2011 in the village of Kalebuka, in Katanga province in Southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo to provide a quality education to 280 girls… The holistic curriculum includes classes in English and French, math, science, health and civic education, as well as art, music and theater programs. Students receive two healthy meals a day and participate in sports activities twice a week. In 2013, we partnered with FIFA to build the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, a community center that offers education, health, entrepreneurship and sport programs to youth and adults in the village. The center serves as a hub for the community, uniting families while providing information, support and a positive outlet through fitness…Malaika also works to bolster the infrastructure of the community surrounding the School. We have built eight fresh water wells as part of a collaborative effort with the Voss Foundation and the Vinmart Foundation and are now providing clean water to more than 16,000 people’’, she said.

A generation of change-agents is here.

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