Solange Muakana: ”We believe in the power of social development to change the world.”

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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021

Miami, Florida

Owner of Solvision Public Relations, Solange Muakana is an international publicist and social development broker who connects North America to Francophone countries and, vice-versa.

Solange believes that there is a lot to do in our communities today. She committed her life to working on projects that help develop social causes. With experience as former Public Relations at the Congolese American Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Florida and, a sitting board member of Congo Love and Hear Congo, she is an American Citizen who does not forget her Congolese roots.

To serve them better, she founded Solvision Public Relations with focus on four areas: International public relations, consulting, cultural events and, fundraising.

Who would explain the vision better than Solange herself?

‘’- We help clients to communicate one to one with worldwide francophone investors and, we support the expansion and market share of their product while seamlessly resolving the cultural and language laws challenges.’’

-We listen and understand our clients need and design a strategic planning approach that provides multiple ranges of innovative economic development strategies including, Import export, trade, wellness agriculture, art, education, tourism, environment and technology.

– We develop, plan and, execute cultural events that provide value to the communities, investors and sponsors we partner with. Our events are designed with a “Give Back” strategy and intention. We believe in the power of social development to change the world.

-We develop campaigns and market plans that provide value. Create master proposals and sponsorship packages for cultural events that bring creativity and unique strategies to “Give back” to create strong communities.’’

The new vision is here.

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