World – Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga at the bedside of covid19 patients with her respirators

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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021

The world does not know where to turn with its 4,788,454 cases to date. The war is intense and the enemy is invisible. Like a ravine cutting through the earth, the coronavirus is tearing the planet apart. From Asia to America via Europe, Oceania to Africa, the pandemic spares no race, no tribe, let alone a nationality. Wuhan coughed and the whole world buried his dead.
No one saw it coming. No one had prepared for it; no one has a monopoly on knowledge. Political leaders falter, hesitate and grope; researchers’s violins don’t match and journalists make the referee.
The people, however, watch helplessly, their own fall; 315,994 dead worldwide. Emmanuel Macron, the French president favors a previously chimeric vaccine in favor of the existing chloroquine recommended by one of his great doctors and researchers, Didier Raoult. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, who thought he was defying the coronavirus by appearing without a mask and gloves, caught it and was hospitalized for two good weeks before being cured. In the United States, President Donald Trump says he is in favor of chloroquine, but made the mistake of thinking aloud by proposing the injectable or drinkable detergent. Bill Gates and WHO are putting the whole world on their backs; their vaccine is refused before its use although the first trial took place 60 days after the sharing of the genetic sequence of the virus by China according to the director of the WHO, doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
Italy and Spain count their dead; 31,908 for one and 27,650 for the other. Wuhan heads out of the water while the United States drowns 1,524,150 cases. The world is outdated!
As a result, Africa is rediscovering its pyramid instincts which had once seduced and attracted Archimedes to its lands. The University of Alexandria was the Harvard or Sorbonne of the time. Madagascar comes to the aid of the world; its president, Andry Rajoelina launches Cov ’Covid Organics’ ’, a drink made with artemisia. 180 cases, 98 of which have been cured and the rest are in the process of being recovered. Senegal adopts it.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo replaces Egypt of yesteryear.
The maker of Covid-Organics is her son; Jérôme Munyangi. The President of the DRC, Félix-Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi brings him back to the country.
While the country waits to get into “Covid-Organics”, Congolese hospitals need respirators. This is where a local girl rises; Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga, professor in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio, in the United States. His research is based on battery management systems, electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. To his credit, the invention of the electric car.
In this global imbroglio, through her company STEM DRC Initiative, the founder of SMIN Power Group, launched a challenge and educated her team and its partners in the manufacture of respirators. After three weeks, a prototype of respirators made in Congo is functional. DR Congo, through Sandrine Ngalula, is at the bedside of the world.

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