MELANIE B STOYCO, Second chance never looked this good

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Melanie B. Stoyco is impacting the community by giving used clothing a second chance and donating the unsold consignment items to local charities.

You are the owner of ‘’Twice Found’’ Upscale Consignment clothing shop. Tell us how you came up with this business idea and what motivated you to realize it?

-The popularity of the consigning business motivated me to leave my job in the corporate world and open my own boutique, Twice Found, in June of 2013. I was having lunch one day with a friend, and we were joking about how we could open a store to sell all the excess clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry she had in her closet. Then I thought about it and said why not? I investigated the consignment craze and decided this would be something fun and it also could be very profitable.

One can read on your business card ‘’Second chances never looked this good.’’. How do you impact the community with your business?

-Consignment shopping is one more way we can all recycle. By giving used clothing a second chance, we’re keeping those items out of landfills. I also donate many of the unsold consignment items to local charities such as homeless shelters and career centers.

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