Afrimpact Magazine is an open book reflecting  the impact of people making difference in their communities and in the world. Everyday in this world, many unknown people  and some celebrities plant seeds of life through their actions using their case or their fame to support those in need, to inspire and motivate some and, to empower others.  Afrimpact is a platform and a  destination for all those agents of change.  Since its creation in  2010, Afrimpact Magazine has been inspiring and motivating people, ideas and causes to make communities and the world shine through its columns  such as  People, Causes, A.I.M TV, events, news and A.I.M Awards.

In 2017, the magazine initiated a new brand ”A.I.M AWARDS” to celebrate 100 influential people  making impact locally, nationally and internationally by using their talent, their work, their art or their fame to shape their communities and the world. Socially, this event brings together in Lancaster County, in Pennsylvania, artists, community leaders, community organizers, inventors, journalists, pastors and politicians  to be recognized and celebrated . Afrimpact Magazine is  a voice for the voiceless, a magazine for readers and doers of impact.







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